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about us

WE ARE Auto Global Fx Trades

Auto Global Fx Trades INC is a fully certified and licensed company under the name Bitcoin Explore Limited with Company number 11188393. Established in 2017 first as a cloud mining provider and listed as one of the best sites to double bitcoins in 2018, we have now become a fully functional and trusted cryptocurrency investment company, verified by a lot of users. Auto Global Fx Trades offers automatic BTC doubling programme, providing access to high liquidity orderbook for top currency pairs in the market. Our investment options are made to meet the needs and requirements of all investors with various ranges of financial capabilitties.

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strong security

Strong Security

Protection against DDoS attacks,
full data encryption

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World Coverage

Providing services in 99% countries
around all the globe

payment options

Payment Options

Popular methods: Visa, MasterCard,
bank transfer, cryptocurrency

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Mobile App

Trading via our Mobile App, Available
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cost efficiency

Cost efficiency

Reasonable trading fees for takers
and all market makers

high liquidity

High Liquidity

Fast access to high liquidity orderbook
for top currency pairs

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Bitcoin is one of the most important inventions in all of human history. For the first time ever, anyone can send or receive any amount of money with anyone else, anywhere on the planet, conveniently and without restriction. It’s the dawn of a better, more free world.

ceo Fredrick Bergström - CEO

Top Investors

ID Asset Invested Profit Date Status
#49D8A Bitcoin $3,307 $42,991 27/1/2021 PENDING
#9B609 Bitcoin $4,224 $42,240 12/1/2021 INVESTED
#E5A80 Bitcoin $3,090 $33,990 13/1/2021 INVESTED
#8B590 Bitcoin $2,801 $25,209 18/1/2021 INVESTED
#761BD Bitcoin $3,691 $40,601 29/1/2021 INVESTED
#2EB26 Bitcoin $3,770 $45,240 19/1/2021 INVESTED
#8C112 Bitcoin $4,418 $53,016 11/1/2021 INVESTED
#64ED0 Bitcoin $3,538 $35,380 27/1/2021 INVESTED
#A6786 Bitcoin $2,252 $22,520 12/1/2021 INVESTED
#5467E Ethereum $1,750 $15,750 27/1/2021 INVESTED
#D9686 Bitcoin $2,296 $25,256 1/1/2021 INVESTED
#AF728 Bitcoin $1,879 $16,911 14/1/2021 INVESTED
#C5A60 Bitcoin $1,731 $22,503 2/1/2021 PENDING
#1C59A Bitcoin $2,193 $28,509 21/1/2021 INVESTED
#6EA4C Bitcoin $2,647 $23,823 3/1/2021 PENDING
#4E64B Bitcoin $740 $8,140 26/1/2021 PENDING
#1FCCB Ethereum $1,675 $20,100 25/1/2021 INVESTED
#CB692 Bitcoin $3,905 $39,050 24/1/2021 INVESTED

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